The Best Hotel in Singapore for Couples, Families, Solo Travelers with Reasonable Budget

Singapore is a gorgeous tropical Asian island, both a tourist paradise and one of the world’s financial centers.  Because of its strict laws, Singapore is also considered one of the safest countries in the world. 

This makes Singapore an absolutely fantastic destination for a couple, a family, or a solo trip.  Every traveler deserves to have an incredible experience – no matter their price range. 

Whether you are looking for the best hotel in Singapore or budget hotels in Singapore you are sure to find something you’ll love.  We reviewed great hotels for every type of tourist, from ultra-luxury to super budget, and everything in between. 

Luxury – The Fullerton Hotel

The best hotel in Singapore for luxury travelers is The Fullerton
The best hotel in Singapore – Luxury, The Fullerton

The Best Hotel in Singapore for :

  • travelers looking for ultimate in luxury and comfort, history, art and architecture buffs.
  • foodies
  • tourists looking for the most central location possible.
  • those looking for a resort like experience, families and couples
  • anyone seeking luxury hotels in Singapore

Pros: It’s the best hotel in Singapore, so basically everything – spectacular lobby, amazing service, to die for food, a spa you want to move into, an infinity pool overlooking the river. 

Cons:  Not much really.  The rooms are probably a couple of years old and so could use an upgrade if you are super picky about your interior design. 

Cost: Starts at $309 a night.

If you are looking for the best luxury hotel in Singapore there can be no doubt – book a room at the Fullerton, a historical landmark, and a complex like no other. 

This centrally located five-star hotel was converted from the old Post Office building in 2001.  The Fullerton offers a variety of amenities for its well-heeled guests – from afternoon tea to yoga classes, free walking tours, and a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the Riverwalk. 

A world-class spa offers luxury treatments.  The hotel implements a heritage theme through all the amenities.  From the artwork to the treatments in the spa and the food options served at breakfast, Singapore’s heritage and blend of cultures is proudly on display here. 

the best hotel in singapore for luxury travellers fullerton hotel lobby
The Fullerton Lobby

The sister hotel is the smaller, and even more exclusive Fullerton Bay Hotel is located just a short walk away via an underground pass.  As a guest in one you can enjoy experiences in both. 

The city of Singapore started at the post office and spread out – and so you are located central to all the major attractions and right in the heart of it all. 

A stay at Fullerton Hotel ranges from $309 a night and a stay at the sister Fullerton Bay starts at $500.  The wealth of activities, the infinity pool and proximity to all major attractions make this one of the best hotels in Singapore for couples as well a popular hotel in Singapore for families. 

The boutique for couples – Wangz Hotel

best hotel in singapore for couples outdoor breakfast area
The outdoor dining and breakfast area at the WANGZ hotel in Singapore.

The Best hotel in Singapore for: 

Pros: Gorgeous rooms and lobby, great service, beautiful rooftop restaurant, fantastic breakfast buffet, extra comfy beds, great bathrooms. Terrace and couple’s bathtubs available in some rooms. 

Cons:  Not central (about 15-minute walk to china town), some construction in the neighborhood makes walking to and from hotel undesirable (the hotel provides a free shuttle service, and cabs are always available).

Cost:  starts at $190 a night.

If you are looking for the best hotels for couples, take a look at he Wangz hotel in Singapore.  This boutique in Singapore’s Tiongburu district, offers newly renovated modern chic rooms, outstanding and service, a fantastic breakfast buffet, and an exceptional view from the restaurant to relax with your significant other over a cup of coffee.  

best hotel in singapore for couples bathroom area
WANGZ caters to couples in luxury.

Some rooms offer huge terraces, large couples bathtubs and convenient living rooms perfect for traveling families. Its also located close to the Tiong Bahru wet market, a great place to visit for an hour or two.

To get to all the other major attractions you can take a free hotel shuttle, an uber or walk to the metro, as the hotel is not located right next to any attractions. 

The family-friendly boutique – the Rendezvous Hotel

best hotel in singapore for families outdoor pool
The pool at the Rendezvous

Best hotel in Singapore for:

  • families looking for an upscale experience at a reasonable price.
  • those looking for very easy access to public transport, shoppers. 

Pros:  Modern and upscale, great artwork, an excellent pool that doesn’t get much traffic, an MTR within 2 minutes by foot, a location convenient to shopping and food, and a large park a few minutes away. 

Cons: not close to any major attractions on foot. 

Cost: Starts at $172 per night

best hotel in singapore for families artwork
The Rendezvous features artwork through the hotel.

If you are looking for the best hotel for families, this might just suit the bill.  The Rendezvous in Singapore is an upscale, art-inspired hotel, located in the art district (which means its several kilometers from many famous attractions) and an MRT station less than two minutes away. 

Ideal for families traveling with kids, there is a lovely pool with a water feature, a huge park just 5 minutes away and tons of cafes and restaurants right outside the hotel.   There are plenty of shopping venues in the art district and if shopping is your cup of tea this hotel is in the perfect location. 

The Rendezvous is perfect for a family who wants to use public transport to sightsee in the morning and a relaxing place to hang out with your family in the afternoon.  The buffet breakfast is a very good one.    

The off the beaten path value – The Sultan Hotel

the best hotel in singapore for affordable travel room
The Sultan hotel offers renovated rooms decorated in Middle Eastern style.

The Best hotel in Singapore for: 

  • Couples and families who want a comfortable and relaxing hotel room and are on a budget.
  • Tourists who want to stay in the fun Kampong Glam district. 

Pros:  Huge, newly redesigned rooms decorated in an unusual for Singapore middle eastern style. Super comfortable beds, great bathroom, a green inner courtyard where you can hang out over a cup of coffee or a drink.

Cons:  A bit away from the center, very enthusiastic roosters in the morning, breakfast is just ok.

Cost:  Starts at $90 a night. 

If you are looking for good budget hotels in Singapore, consider The Sultan.  Located in the trendy Islamic district Kampong Glam, The Sultan is a boutique hotel converted from dozens of small shops. 

Inside the grounds of the hotel, you will find several outdoor areas, and unexpectedly large rooms completely refinished with modern middle eastern furniture and decoration, a huge TV, excellent bathrooms and super comfortable beds. 

the best hotel in singapore for affordable travel lobby
The Lobby at The Sultan Hotel

The Sultan is located next to the Sultan Mosque, the Malaysian heritage center and is just a short walk away from public transport, that can quickly get you to anywhere in this small city.  

The Kampong Glam neighborhood feels vague like SOHO did in the early 90’s – minus any crime or drugs, its a hip area and home to many coffee shops, art galleries and stores selling unique crafts and great, reasonably priced restaurants. 

This 4 star rated hotel is priced more like a 3-star hotel in Singapore with rooms that start at $90 per night.    

The Sultan is a great option for someone looking for budget accommodation in Singapore.  If you are a light sleeper do bring some earplugs as the neighborhood is home to some very enthusiastic roosters.

The Hostel – Coo Hostel

best hotel in singapore for super budget travellers
Coo Hostel reception area

The Best hotel in Singapore for

  • Solo travelers, tourists those on very tight budgets.
  • Those looking to make friends in a strange place. 

Pros:  Inexpensive, clean, cute café downstairs, high tech. 

Cons:  You have to share a room and bathroom facilities with several people. 

Cost: Starts at $30 a night.

If you are on a very tight budget, staying in a hostel is a great option.  Although hostels used to be the place for the young and broke, they have evolved into some pretty elaborate accommodations. 

I often stay in hostels when looking to save money.  But the truth is solo travel in Singapore and elsewhere can be a pretty lonesome activity, so staying in a hostel often services more than one purpose. 

best hotel in singapore for super budget travellers - bed
The bed at Coo hostel

You can meet great people in hostels – and I have made life-long friends traveling by hostel.  The Coo hostel is a high tech, squeaky clean accommodation.  Every bed has a privacy curtain, a safe, and every guest gets a wristband for access to the hotel in the middle of the night. 

There is a super cute café downstairs to hang out, have a cup of coffee and dinner if you so desire.  The hostel is located right next to the Tion Bahru wet market, a great off the beaten path place to visit on your stay in Singapore. 

Did I actually stay in all these hotels?

Yeap, I most certainly did! I stayed in every one of these hotels on my trip to Singapore in November of 2017.  I hope you have enjoyed the post… if you did and would like to see more posts reviewing the best hotels in every price range from around the world, please let me know in comments. 

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