The Best Luxury Hotel in Singapore – The Fullerton

A picture of the hotel pool of the Fullerton Hotel Singapore
The Hotel Pool – The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

It is not often that you can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this one thing is far superior to all the rest.  Yet, in this particular case, there can be no mistake. 

The Fullerton is indeed the best luxury hotel in Singapore. If you are so lucky as to visit this gorgeous island-nation consider staying at the Fullerton – at least for one night. 

As someone who loves history and art, I was fascinated while wandering Fullerton’s hallways.  Built-in 1928 as the main post office, and converted only in 2001 the Fullerton is situated right on the river. 


Best luxury hotel in Singapore - Fullerton Bay Hotel
The lobby at Fullerton Bay Hotel. Guests staying at the Fullerton can use facilities in both hotels.


The hallways are lined with art, from heritage art (Representing Singapore’s thriving art community) to art produced by the residents in the local Autism Foundation, you will not find a better, richer collection of art anywhere on this island – save for the museums of course. 

There are actually two Fullerton Hotels  – connected by a passageway.  The original Fullerton is the old post office, and the new Fullerton Bay Hotel is a smaller, and an even more exclusive option offering only one hundred rooms.  Because there is so much to do in this hotel, I have laid out an itinerary you can follow during your stay at the Fullerton.    

Fullerton, Day 1 – The best luxury hotel in Singapore

Your experience starts at the airport when your private driver picks you up for the half an hour ride to the Fullerton.  As you drive through the city, making your way towards the center your driver will point out some main attractions.

Fullerton Hotel Lobby - Best luxury hotel in Singapore
The Grand Lobby of the Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton, is quite literally city center.  The original post office was intended to be the heart of the city, build in the most accessible point, and all other neighborhoods grew from the Fullerton out. 

Your location is second to none – you are close to all possible attractions.  Singapore is not a large city (although the new land is constantly being added) and your limo will bring you right into the heart. 

the afternoon tea at the fullerton - best luxury hotel in singapore
There are several areas at the Fullerton where you can enjoy a great cup of tea and treats.

After checking in at 3 pm, make your way to the afternoon tea, there are two places to enjoy the tea at the Fullerton.  The first is located in the beautiful The Courtyard lounge.  

The second is exclusive to the members of the Straits club.   Here, this British tradition is perfectly preserved in the Singapore’s post-colonial present. 

Among English sandwiches lay out the traditional deserts of the Peranakan people, (that’s the colorful deserts on the plate known as kueh kueh).  For more on the history of the Peranakan people see my article on the things to do in Singapore. 

The best luxury hotel in Singapore - The Fullerton offers a great spa
The spa at the Fullerton is a luxurious and relaxing experience.

After a leisurely afternoon tea, walk over to the spa.  Every great hotel must have a great spa and the best luxury hotel in Singapore is no exception.  For the service check out the heritage massage in keeping with the heritage theme of the hotel – this exceptional experience (an hour and a half) is a perfect afternoon treat for a tired traveler. 

After the massage, its time for a stroll on the river bay, conveniently located right outside your front door.  Although not huge, the Riverbay is one of the foremost attractions in Singapore and a must not be missed for any traveler.

River Bay - the best luxury hotel in singapore
The River Bay is right outside your front door while you stay at The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore

Finally, finish off your day with a dinner at Jade, which serves a fantastic assortment of traditional Chinese cuisine.  

Make it back to your room to enjoy complimentary fruit and wine – from the bathtub if you so desire. 

Fullerton, Day 2 – The best luxury hotel in Singapore

the best luxury hotel in Singapore - gorgeous infinity pool at the Fullerton
The Fullerton infinity pool overlooks the river bay and the river.

Wake up early and enjoy a swim in the infinity pool overlooking the river, or a job around the Riverfront (as your concierge for a jogging map).  Even though the hotel is huge the infinity pool rarely gets busy. 

In the morning you are unlikely to find anyone swimming with you, except perhaps for the birds.  If you prefer you can go for a jog around the river.  Ask the concierge for a jogging path map. 

The best luxury hotel in Singapore, the Fullerton, offers great breakfast facilities.
The view of the River during your breakfast at The Fullerton Hotel

After working up a great appetite make your way down to the Town restaurant where a huge buffet style breakfast awaits you.  There are cuisines here from all over the world – from the traditional American breakfast to the Japanese one, and everything in between. 

You can eat inside or outside, but the outside view of the river is fantastic.  And the fans above your head keep you well cooled in the rising Singaporean heat. If you are a member of the Straits club you can have breakfast here instead.  The Straits club offers a more intimate atmosphere and a view of the pool. 

The best luxury hotel in Singapore offers two infinity pools
The pool at Fullerton Bay Hotel

After breakfast, make your way over to the sister hotel, The Fullerton Bay Hotel.  There is a whole underground network that takes you from one hotel to the other, and its fun to walk through the tunnels, with artwork surrounding you. 

The second hotel is a breathtaking luxury boutique offering all the same amenities as the larger Fullerton and then some. 

You can use your keycard to go up to the roof deck where another infinity pool awaits (you can use both pools, its included in your stay).  If you feel like it stop and take a dip here as well, or just relax on a lounge chair immersed in blue water and surrounded by the country’s flower blooming on trees the Orchid trees. 

Afterwards, walk outside on the bay in the publicly accessible areas such as the Fort Fullerton, and here you can take some great pictures. 

The best luxury hotel in Singapore offers photography exhibits
Photography exhibit at the Fullerton

Once you make your way back to your hotel, stop in the Heritage art gallery.  Here you can learn about the history of Singapore’s development and its charismatic leader, who many say turned Singapore from a modest backwater island into the thriving financial center it is today. 

You will also learn the significance of Fullerton and Fullerton square.  Next, stop by the Hayenyeo photo exhibition, in the East Garden Foyer.  This special photography exhibition profiles traditional female divers on Jeju Island. 

If you are here after the exhibit is closed be sure to ask the concierge for guidance – there are always new exhibits running at the Fullerton.  

best luxury hotel in singapore, the fullerton is located within close walking proximity to chinatown.
Chinatown – It’s easy to explore all the neighborhoods in Singapore while staying at the Fullerton.

If you feel like exploring the city you can proceed to one of four ethnic neighborhoods (for more on this see my other post) or walk over to the Singapore Art Gallery or the National Art Gallery, all located within a few minutes walk from the Fullerton. 

The Fullerton hotel also offers free walking tours – some access to the entire public and some only to guests.  If you are on a wellness kick try to a complimentary yoga class instead – or my own pick wine yoga (seriously, how can you go wrong).  

Or just spend the rest of your day lounging by the pool, overlooking the river bay – with a view that makes it all worth it. 

best luxury hotel in singapore, flowers
Small touches of luxury are everywhere.


Please let me know in comments if you liked this blog. Also, you might like my article on best budget hotels in Singapore for couples & families.

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