Guest Post Guidelines

Would you like to write a guest post for Amazing! I will be happy to consider your submission. If I decide to publish, you will earn one or two DOFOLLOW links to your blog – depending on the length of the article. Before you click that contact button, however, here are my guidelines for publication:

  1. The article must cover a country or state I already cover in my blog.
  2. The article must have at least 700 words (no maximum).
  3. You must have personally visited the location, or better yet, lived there.
  4. You must include original pictures in your article (at least 3). No stock photos, please.
  5. You agree that I can edit the article for grammar or clarity.
  6. You agree not to submit the same article to anybody else, and that I will have exclusive rights to this article.
  7. When you submit, please include your pitch and the name of your blog. Keep in mind: it’s fine if you currently have a low DA, but if you don’t include your blog link I will not consider the submission.
Tips for a successful guest post pitch:
  • Top 10 or top 20 list is a good choice – I am unlikely to publish an itinerary article as I often write those myself
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Articles like “The Best 10 Coffee Shops in Chicago” or “10 Best Daytrips from Paris” are always in demand.
  • Try to include lots of great pictures, one for each subject on your list is ideal
  • Include hotel recommendations or a packing list with links from amazon. Both are even better!
  • Feel free to submit USA content, including small or medium cities.
  • You don’t have to pre-write the article. For a successful guest blogger pitch just send an email with your idea and a writing sample (or a link where I can read a writing sample). Include in the email how you experienced the location and how many pictures you have for your post.


I do my best to respond to ALL guest post requests (when properly submitted following my guidelines). My goal is to either approve your pitch or provide helpful constructive feedback for how to make your pitch better. If I don’t respond in 2 to 3 weeks feel free to follow up. Thank you for your submission and happy writing!