Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno

Perhaps one of the most difficult to access viewpoints in Sao Miguel, Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno is easy enough to find So what makes it so difficult to access? Due to its geographic position, this viewpoint is often cloudy. I actually came out here 3 times before I got a view. And even then, after about 20 minutes of clear sky, the clouds began to move in. Let’s take a look at how to maximize your chances of getting the best views, avoid traffic and things to do nearby.

A path partially covered in fog in Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno.
Although I started out with clear views, clouds moved in only 20 minutes later.

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Check the view for Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno on Camera

The stunning view of Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno is easily one of Sao Miguel‘s top attractions. At this beautiful vista, you will find an ancient volcanic caldera filled to the brim with a stunning green lake. This Sete Cidades view is stunning. However, many people make the mistake of coming out here when it is cloudy. Make no mistake about it – even if the entire island of Sao Miguel is bathed in golden sunlight, Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno may still be covered in clouds.

So what’s a tourist to do? Check the cameras! The Sete Cidades camera gives the most accurate picture of what is happening at the vista.

A volcanic lake situated in a large volcanic caldera in Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno
The brilliant views from the top of Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno

Come at the Right Time

If you don’t mind a short hike, come to Miradouro Da Boca Do Ferno before 9 am. Park at the lot on the main road, and walk down about 20 minutes on a flat, easy path. Afterward, follow about 10 minutes uphill on a sandy narrow road. At this time, few people will be around and you get the joy of unrestricted views and uncrowded space.

A wide path lined with trees in Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno
This easy path will lead you to Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno

If, on the other hand, you prefer to limit your walking, come after 10 when the parking lot next to the viewpoint opens. At that time, you can drive right in and park just minutes from the miradouro. However, be aware – at 10 am on a clear day the area gets really busy and you’ll see many other tourists.

A view of Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno partially obstructed by a small hill and a path.
I saw only a few other tourists when I got to the viewpoint at 8.30 am.

Prepare for Cooler Weather

Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno is located on top of a hill and in the midst of several weather systems. The weather here is about 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. Be prepared with a sweatshirt or a light jacket, especially if you are traveling with children.

A wooden staircase in a forest.

How to get to Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno

Even if you are not renting a car, it is easy to get to this Vista because many day tours schedule a stop here. However, as we already discussed just because you come here, doesn’t mean you get to see anything. As I drove into the thick fog, I noticed 3 buses parked on the edge of the road. I was wondering what they were doing here, where you couldn’t even see your feet. It turns out that the buses will still come if you booked this tour but it is cloudy that day. Seems like a waste of time.

A better approach is in a rental car, where you get to come when you know the views will be good. Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno is a great trip to combine with other activities in Sete Cidades. Follow my map (download from below) for the closest parking lot.

A path and a hill next to Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno

Things to Do Next To Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno

As you walk down to the viewpoint, you’ll notice a couple of signs on your right. The stairs next to the signs lead to a pretty lake called the Lagoa Do Canario. The lake is lovely, and you should definitely stop by here. But do so after the viewpoint in case the weather changes. There are two access points to the lake. Both are located on the straight trail that leads to the viewpoint. If the first access point seems crowded, go down the second one instead.

A sign that says "Lagoa Do Canario" and a top of a wooden stairs in a forest.
Take this staircase to Lagoa Do Canario
A lake with plants, and a forest in the distance.
Lagoa Do Canario
Large catfish in lake water.
The local residents of Lagoa Do Canario
Miradouro Da Boca Do Inferno partially obstructed by a hill.
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