East Coast USA Travel Bucket List

East Coast USA travel bucket list – where do you even start? From New York City to Cape Canaveral, there is enough to keep you occupied for several lifetimes. As an (almost) lifelong resident of the east coast, this is my absolute favorites – the ultimate bucket list. Let’s get started!

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5. Historical Savannah, Georgia – USA East Coast Bucket List

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia

Historic Savannah attracts a lot of tourists, and once you stroll these streets you’ll see why. The preserved homes and shops draped in Spanish moss, line miles of avenues. The plentiful green spaces are thriving with old trees, statues, and fountains on display. Savannah is so stunning, legend says its beauty is the reason why Union General Sherman spared it during the civil war. The Savannah Historic District was designated a National Landmark in 1966.

Where to stay in Savannah, Georgia
The Lobby in the Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront

A city as beautiful as Savannah is bound to host several world-class hotels – and the best is The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront. Known for a fantastic location (right on the riverfront) and incredible style, The Bohemian is both a hotel – and an experience. The service here is famous for the old world southern charm and hospitality.

4. Martha’s Vineyard – East Coast USA Travel Bucket List

Martha’s Vineyard Lighthouse.

A Massachusetts island just south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is almost a legend. Although only 16,000 people live here year-round, in the summer, however, the island swells to over 100,000. This wealthy vacation colony is the playground of the rich and famous. Everyone from Spike Lee to Diana, Princess of Wales has stayed here for a season or owns a home. Wandering the little streets you can’t help but be charmed by the slow New England lifestyle, historic homes, and quaint shops. To experience the unusual combination of Americana and impressive wealth stay here for a weekend – or the summer.

Where to stay in Martha’s Vineyard – The Pequot Hotel
The Pequot Hotel – Martha’s Vineyard

Part of Martha’s Vineyard charm is that all the businesses on the island are privately owned by residents. The hotel industry is no exception. You won’t find any big chains here. Instead, quaint Bed and Breakfasts prevail – and the Pequot Hotel is the best. Decorated in charming New England style, with complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea on the porch, it all conspires to make your stay at Martha’s magical.

3. NASA Kennedy Space Center – USA East Coast Bucket List

East Coast USA travel bucket list
Rocket Launch at the Kennedy Space Center

Exploring space may not be on your bucket list just yet – but touring the NASA space center certainly can be! The Kennedy Center is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Here you can see the space shuttle, touch a moon rock, and check out a real rocket. There is plenty to do here to keep you occupied all day long, To beat the crowds and get to the doors by 9 am. The Space center even hosts day camp – including camps for international students. How cool is that?

Where to stay near the NASA Kennedy Space Center
Holiday Inn Beach Resort near NASA Kennedy Space Center

Located just a few minutes from the Space Center, the Holiday Inn Beach Resort is the perfect hotel for this bucket list item. At the resort, you’ll find a lazy river, a water slide, direct beach access, and even miniature golf.

2. Washington DC in Cherry Blossom – East Coast, USA Bucket List

Cherry Blossom in Washington DC

I can think of few things more magical than Washington DC in cherry blossom season. The tough town is instantly (and briefly) transformed by the arrival of spring. Everything feels softer and kinder than usual. On your stay in Washington, you’ll find no shortage of activities – from the Smithsonian to the Lincoln Memorial. But your favorite may be wandering the parks and pathways, mesmerized by the pink flowers, and later the pink snowfall. Be sure to add this stunning scenery to your USA bucket list.

Where to Stay in Washington DC
The Hay – Adams Hotel in Washington DC

In a place of so much historical significance, it is hard to pick just one great hotel in DC. But my favorite is The Hay – Adams, as much for its rich history as for its stunning decor and service. It is even said the hotel is haunted – by none other than Henry Adams wife Clover, who committed suicide on the site where the hotel now stands. I’ve never seen a ghost here (and believe me, I’ve tried) but the hotel’s magnificent location (view of the White House and the National Mall), more than makeup for it.

New York City Freedom Tower – USA East Coast Travel Bucket List

Freedom Tower, NYC

You might think I am impartial (and perhaps I am) but I think NYC should be at the top of any east-coast travel bucket list. After all, I’ve lived here for more than 25 years – and every weekend I discover incredible new finds in the big apple. There is so much to do here – from the Museum of Natural History to the Brooklyn Bridge, you can never do it all. But my hands-down favorite is our most tragic, and most beautiful symbol – the Freedom Tower. To me, it’s more than just a great architectural achievement. Its the symbol of resilience, defiance – and of course, my one true love – New York City.

Where to stay in New York City on Your Bucket List Trip
The Beekman Hotel, New York

There are so many hotels in New York, it’s easy to get lost. My favorite downtown is The Beekman. I love it for its location (close to Freedom Tower), its history and of course its great NYC style scene. More than just a hotel – The Beekman hosts great events and has a beautiful outdoor patio, perfect for lazy evenings. And the impeccable service and high-quality furnishings mean your room is quiet and comfortable, so you’ll be sure to get some sleep – even if the city never does.

I hope you have enjoyed this article East Coast USA Travel Bucket List. I know that this list is quite short and there is so much more to do and see on the East Coast. If you’d like to see another article with more destinations, leave a comment and let me know. Thank you for reading, and see you on the road.


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The ultimate East Coast, USA, bucket list.  Travel from Florida to Washington DC, Cape Cod to NYC.  Includes great hotel recommendations.
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