Hotels in Athens, Greece – Luxury, Boutique and More

Few world cities rival the history and grandeur of Athens. From humble beginnings at the dawn of western civilization to the modern metropolis of the present day, Athens has always attracted travelers from all walks of life. And naturally, in Athens, you’ll find hundreds of great hotel choices. With so many choices, how do you know which hotel is right for your vacation? In this article will take a look at the best hotels in every price range. Whether you are looking for a luxury Athens hotel, boutique Greece hotels or budget Athens hotels – take a look at the best Hotels in Athens in every budget.

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The Best Hotels in Athens – Luxury

Best Hotels in Athens Greece - King George Hotel
Breakfast with a view at King George Hotel in Athens

Every major world city boasts one hotel which many consider the most luxurious and the most famous, and of course, Athens is no exception. Well-heeled visitors to Athens will be the first to tell you – the King George Hotel in Athens is the crown jewel of Greece hotels. At check-in you’ll see why: From the grand entry hall to the classical decor in staterooms, there is no question that King George offers the ultimate in luxury and extravagance in Athens.

But it gets better: The King George is across the street from the Parliament building. This means as a guest you can watch the honorary guard change – right from your own room. It goes without saying the service is impeccable, and the location is the best in Athens. The hotel boasts a restaurant, a bar and is a designated green property, thus earning a nod from the environmental commission. For a special treat, make advanced reservations to dine on the patio, and enjoy a full view of the Acropolis with your dinner.

The Best Hotels in Athens – Boutique

Best Hotels in Athens Greece - The Electra Hotel

For a high end stay in the city center, The Electra Hotel is the best boutique choice in Athens. The Electra is located close to all attractions including The Plaka and the Acropolis. However, what really makes this hotel special is the spectacular rooftop restaurant and bar. Here, you can enjoy breakfast or late evening drinks with an amazing view of the Acropolis.

The rooms at The Electra Hotel are average to small. However, the tasteful decor makes them feel larger. The hotel staff are helpful and will go out of their way to accommodate you. If you are looking for a cool touch and a great rooftop bar, the Electra Hotel in Athens is a brilliant choice.

The Best Hotels in Athens – Mid Range

Best Hotels in Athens Greece - The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum Hotel is a unique and reasonably priced boutique property in the Athens city center. Housed in a recently renovated classical building, the hotel is situated right next to the new (and spectacular) Museum.

At the Acropolis Museum Hotel, you’ll find clean, well-appointed rooms. Before you head out for a day enjoy a solid breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The rooms are on the smaller side but the location can’t be beat.

The Best Hotels in Athens – Budget

Many Private Apartments for Rent in Athens are Decorated in the Modern Style.

If you are looking to save money while in Athens, your best bet is to stay in a private apartment, not a hotel. Private apartment rental is very common in Athens, and you can find the best selection of Athens apartments on The apartments are often managed by a company and not a private individual. Still, the inventory for every company is small, so you may not be able to find the apartment I recommend for the dates you are traveling.

To find a great deal on a central Athens Apartment, follow this link which narrows your choices to just apartments in Athens. Although apartments are cheaper than hotels (many range $40 to $80 per night) there are some advantages and disadvantages with staying in apartments. The properties are often a few metro stops from the Acropolis. Additionally, you won’t get room service or any hotel-like amenities. On the other hand, the experience is more authentic and your room will be much larger. You’ll also usually have access to a kitchen.

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Are you planning to travel to Athens, Greece?  Not sure where to stay?  Check out this helpful hotel list, with options in every price range.  Stay next to the #Placa or the #Acropolis.  Or save money by staying in a private apartment in Athens.

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