Bar Caloura – An Honest Review

Easily, one of the best restaurants in Sao Miguel Bar Caloura is known for fresh fish and its delightful on-the-water location. But what are the food and the atmosphere really like? I had a chance to eat Bar Caloura while traveling in Sao Miguel sponsored by Vero True Social. In this article, you’ll find an honest review of the restaurant, as well as helpful travel tips.

Swimming facilities next to Bar Caloura
This swimming dock is located only a few steps from the restaurant.

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Location of Bar Caloura

Bar Caloura is located in the upper-class town of Agua De Pau. Situated on the waterfront, the most convenient way to access this high-end eatery is by car. Next, to the restaurant, you’ll find plentiful parking and, just steps away, a swimming area. Many of the tables in the restaurant offer full water views but you have to get here early enough to score a good table.

The menu from Bar Caloura
The menu includes also includes fresh fish of the day. Your waiter will inform you about the day’s specials based on the morning’s catch.

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How to avoid the crowds

Like most restaurants in Sao Miguel, Bar Caloura doesn’t take reservations. The crowds here can get pretty heavy, but I found a shortcut. Show up a few minutes before lunch or dinner and you’ll have your pick of the tables. Keep in mind, that lunch starts at 12 and dinner at 6.

On the other hand, if you don’t make it before mealtime, you’ll likely have to wait for a table. In that case, add your name on the board at the entrance, as soon as you come in. The wait will likely not be very long because the tables do rotate quickly. Half an hour seems to be an average wait during peak times.

The view of bar Caloura with water in the front
The restaurant is situated on the water and spots the typical Azores white paint.

Bar Caloura – Review

So how is the food here? I really enjoyed the fresh, locally caught fish grilled to perfection. The vegetables were excellent too, and many were local. In addition to fish of the day, a popular menu item is the shrimp cocktail. If you are starving, the included salad bar is decent although not exceptional.

Grilled fish and vegetables in in Bar Caloura
My lunch – fresh local fish accompanies by grilled vegetables, and brilliant views.

The atmosphere

Lunch is a low key and casual affair, with many families and little children. The atmosphere is relaxed, and no one is dressed up. Dinner, on the other hand, is a tad more formal. The tables are formally set, and the diners are dressed up. Fewer families come in for dinner, although you’ll still see some. Most people order a bottle of excellent Portuguese wine with their meals.

The service

The serving staff was welcoming and kind. The service itself was a bit on the slow side. My food took almost an hour to arrive (I did come in early). I believe this is only due to how extremely crowded the restaurant is and not to any server issues. And of course, the food was worth the wait. If you are very hungry, a snack at the salad should keep your content while you wait.

Things to do nearby

Since the restaurant is located only about 20 minutes drive from Ponta Delgada, the town is central to many attractions. After a short, 20 minutes drive further east, you’ll find Lagoa Do Congro. In addition, heading north from Agua De Pau you’ll find Salto Do Cabrito – the waterfalls. And of course, right next to the restaurant you’ll find a great swimming area. Here, you can easily spend half a day or more.

Lagoa Do Congro lake, Sao Miguel, Portugal
Lagoa Do Congro – you’ll find this lake about 30 minutes east of Bar Caloura.

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I hope you have enjoyed this review of Bar Caloura. See you on the road!

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