Salto Do Cabrito – A Complete Guide

Salto Do Cabrito is a beautiful waterfall situated on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores. Although less impressive than the other waterfall I recommend (Salto Do Prego) it is much easier to access. Additionally, Do Cabrito exhibits its own charm and is a great addition to your vacation in Sao Miguel. Conveniently located in the middle of the island, the waterfall is in close proximity to Miradouro De Santa Iria.

Rushing water beneath a cliff in Salto Do Cabrito.
The view of the waterfall from the top.

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Getting to Salto Do Cabrito

The easiest way to get to Salto Do Cabrito is by rental car. Follow google maps to reach the landmarked spot. Here, follow the signs via a dirt road. In a few minutes, you’ll reach a parking lot. The road extends from here, but it is narrow one way and there is a “no parking” sign at the entrance. I chose to leave my car in the lot and walk down.

Parking lot and a sign to the waterfall.
I parked here and walked down.

Exploring Salto Do Cabrito

After a short, 15 minute walk downhill, you will find the Salto Do Cabrito waterfall. It might not look impressive right now – but this is just the start.

The waterfall of Salto Do Cabrito, with rocks in the foreground.
Salto Do Cabrito waterfalls from the bottom.

Take a few pictures here and then look for the stairs up that lead along the large pipe.

A large pipe, stairway and sign to "Salto Do Cabrito."
Look for these stairs – and the sign.

As you walk the several hundred stairs up, you’ll discover a different – and much more impressive view.

Metal stairs lead up to the top of the waterfall.
Walk up these stairs all the way to the top.

Here, you can walk along the pipe on a specially constructed metal catwalk. From the top, you can see the waterfall drop into the lake below. Essentially, you are walking on top of a waterfall – an unusual and fun experience.

A metal walkway among the trees in Salto Do Cabrito
Walk along this metal pathway to explore Salto Do Cabrito.

Eventually, the steel pathway ends and this is where most people turn around. However, you don’t have to. Keep walking along the wide pipe and in just a few minutes you’ll come upon a bridge.

A large pipe with surrounded by trees in the forest.
You can continue to walk along this pipe for a few minutes. Along the way, you’ll see red and yellow trail markers.

Continue The Hike

The bridge, which might look scary at first is actually a stable structure.

A metal bridge and houses in the distance.
Cross over this bridge to continue the hike.
A metal pathway and rushing water in Salto Do Cabrito
The elevated walkway, as seen from the bridge.

When you walk over the bridge, you’ll see more red and yellow trail markers. Continue along this route for an easy circular trail. The trail takes about 2 hours to complete. Along the way, you’ll pass by the energy generating dam and hot springs.

A narrow trail between a building and the forest.
Keep following the red and yellow trail markers.

Even More Pictures from Salto Do Cabrito

Purple flower against a dark background.
A flower as seen in the Azores temperate mixed forest.
Pink flower on a pipe against a dark background.
Pink flower against a light green background.
Purple flower against a dark green background.
A dark haired woman in a red dress facing the waterfalls of Salto Do Cabrito.
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