Jardim Antonio Borges – Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel

Only minutes from downtown Ponta Delgada you’ll find the Jardim Antonio Borges (a botanical garden). This peaceful Sao Miguel paradise is free to enter. The large facility features native plants, caves, and ponds. In addition, in the center, you’ll find an ancient tree, straight out of a fairy tale. Thus, plenty of shade means that the Jardim Antonio Borges is an ideal stop on a hot Portuguese afternoon.

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A shaded stairway path in Jardim Antonio Borges.
A shaded path in Antonio Borges Garden

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How to get to Jardim Antonio Borges

You won’t need a car to get to this botanical garden. Instead, take a pleasant 15-minute stroll from downtown Ponta Delgada. The gardens have four gates and you can enter any of them for free. Even on the hottest days, the gardens are not crowded, so you can come here anytime.

A pathway in Jardim Antonio Borges.
A main path in Jardim Antonio Borges.

Who was Antonio Borges?

Antonio Borges was a Portuguese economist and banker. Mr. Borges was instrumental in modernizing Portuguese economic system. Additionally, he was a philanthropist who had a soft spot for nature.

The silhoute bust of Antonio Borges, in Sao Miguel, Azores.
You will find a statue of Antonio Borges at the entrance to the botanical garden.

What will you find in the garden?

This subtropical garden has many areas to explore. Walk the winding, shaded paths and discover ponds and caves. The caves, carved into the volcanic rock are protected by rail guards. Take a look inside to see if you can spot any wildlife (bats live here).

Caves carved into volcanic rock and covered with guard rails in Jardim Antonio Borges
Although the caves are covered with rail guards, you can sneak a peek to see if you can spot wildlife inside.

Perhaps the most famous feature of the garden is the large ancient tree that sits in the middle. Hundreds of years old, this tree offers shade and a great sitting area.

An ancient tree in Jardim Antonio Borges
This ancient tree is the centerpiece of the gardens.

Here too, you’ll find an old hothouse. Although you can not go inside, do check out the views of the town from this area.

A glass hothouse at the end of a sunny path.
Although you can not enter this hothouse, checkout the views from this area.

A few more images from the garden

A rock staircase overgrown with greenery.
A small black bird with a yellow beak.
A large spider web among multi colored volcanic rock.


I hope you have enjoyed this overview of Jardim Antonio Borges in Ponta Delgada. Although many attractions in Sao Miguel require a car, the botanical gardens do not. This means the gardens are a great place to visit when you haven’t made other plans to explore the beautiful island of Sao Miguel.

An ancient tree in a pinterest friendly graphic.
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