Business Travel Tips For The Corporate Traveler

Do you travel for business? To make your life a little easier, we put together the ultimate business traveler tips.  From keeping a pre-packed ziplock bag of toiletries (this will help in Europe), to the one phone call you can make to get compensation for a delayed flight, to how to eliminate jetlag and much more – check out our favorite business travel tips.  

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Seattle, Washington

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Packing Travel Tip:

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Business Travel Tips 1 – Keep the Essentials Packed: 

Keep some small essential items packed and ready to go.  If you travel for work often, buy a second set of all electronic essentials.  Electronic essentials may include phone chargers, extra batteries, external chargers, flash drives, and headphones.  Store the electronic accessories in a one-litter ziplock bag and keep the bag inside your carry on between trips.   Use a second ziplock bag to hold travel-sized hygiene items, and do not unpack it after your trip.  Each time you pack for a new business trip, review the bags and replenish if necessary.   By keeping essential items always stored you are less likely to forget something important.  You’ll also find items more easily on the go in a ziplock bag.  And you’ll speed your entry from Schengen zones because in Europe, you must place all cosmetic items into a ziplock bag.  

Business Travel Tips 2 – Get the Right Gear: 

Buy the right size carry-on bag and a separate shoulder bag.  To save time and effort on a business trip, do not bring a suitcase.  Instead, buy and use airline approved carry on luggage. Many companies manufacture great carry on luggage, and you can buy bags in different price ranges.  For a splurge consider a Tumi piece, if you are looking for solid and sensible, Samsonite has a great reputation for quality. 

In addition to a suitcase, a useful business travel tip is to purchase a large shoulder bag.  For carry on purposes, airlines consider a large shoulder bag equivalent to a purse or a laptop bag.  However, you can fit much more in a shoulder bag. I put a small purse, a laptop, travel documents, and a ziplock bag of personal hygiene items into mine – and still, have room to spare.  In a pinch, you can use a shoulder bag to store additional items you acquire during your trip.  

Business Travel Tips 3 – Sign up for Frequent Flyer Programs:

Sign up for frequent flyer programs.  Most companies will let you keep the point you earn, and the points can accumulate quickly. A valuable business travel tip is to try to fly as few airlines as possible.  Try to stick to one airline program, if you can.  The more you fly one airline, the higher your status will be with that program.  Higher airline status can result in upgrades and other perks.  Plus, your status will usually transfer to your family members when they travel with you, so your entire family may get upgraded when you are on vacation.  

business travel tips - athens, greece
Athens, Greece

Business Travel Tips 4 – Get Compensation When Your Flight is Delayed: 

Be aware of European Flight Compensation Regulation 261.  If your flight to or from Europe is delayed by more than 2 hours, you can usually get compensation.  The payment can be as much as $750. Take a look at the rules for flight compensation, and don’t forget to file if your flight is delayed.  To file for compensation, just call the airline and ask them to send you a check.  Pro-business travel tip – the airline will not tell you about the rule.  You must contact them to file. 

Business Travel Tips 5 – Pack a Smart Casual Outfit:

Make sure to pack a comfortable but professional casual outfit. This will come in handy when you spend time with colleagues informally or if you chose to sightsee. Don’t forget to pack a change of shoes as well – sneakers are very comfortable for walking, or perhaps you prefer flats or sandals.  To minimize space, pack only one pair of shoes, for a total of two pairs. 

Business Travel Tips 6 – Speed Through Security and Customs:

Sign up for global entry, TSA precheck and download the mobile passport control app.  With TSA Precheck you’ll speed through check-in on departure, and you will no longer need to take off your shoes or take out your laptop.  To connect your TSA precheck number to your ticket, enter the information in your frequent traveler profile with the airline.  Global Entry speeds up the process on arrival into the United States.  But I find that the mobile passport control app is the fastest way to get through the queue, and I rarely use my Global Entry status.  With the app, just enter your flight information on arrival and look for “Mobile Passport Control Booth.”  The mobile passport control app is one of my favorite business travel tips because so few people know about it.  

business travel tips - singapore
Singapore, Singapore

Business Travel Tips 7 – Get Your Food First: 

If you think you will need to eat as soon as you board, order a special meal in advance.  Vegetarian or kosher, or another special food option – these customers will always get served first.  This is a helpful business travel tip if you are flying after work or a long day of meetings, so plan ahead.  You can order a special meal via the airline’s website, and if you register for frequent flier status, set your preferences in advance for all meals.  

Business Travel Tips 8 – Use Lounges Even if You are Flying Coach

If you are a frequent business traveler, get a Priority Pass and you will receive free lounge access all over the world.  You can purchase a priority pass or get one for free with premium credit cards such as Chase Preferred Reserve and Amex Platinum.  To receive your pass, call the credit card company and ask them to send you a priority pass – they will not send it to you unless you call.  Many airports offer a selection of Priority Pass lounges, and you can even bring up to 3 guests with you.  Don’t forget to take your priority pass to your vacation – not just your business trip.  

Business Travel Tip 9 – Eliminate Jetlag: 

This is my all-time favorite business travel tip – use melatonin to help eliminate jet lag.  Melatonin is a hormone your brain produces to help you to go to sleep. Melatonin is sold in a pill form.  I take melatonin before bed to help my brain adjust to the new nighttime in my new destination.  I love melatonin because it helps me sleep naturally, without a hangover, and for me, eliminates all jetlag.  Of course, consult with a qualified physician before taking melatonin or any other supplements.  

I hope you have found these business travel tips useful. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and colleagues and I will see you next time.  For some of my other favorite travel tips check out my earlier article.  

Viktoria aka Traveltipster

Business Travel Tips for the Corporate Traveler.  Includes packing tips and bag suggestions.  Credit Cards for the best business traveler perks. How to get upgrades, how to get served meals on airplane faster, how to get compensated for flight delays - and much more.

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