8 Best Things To Do in Taichung, Taiwan

Things To Do in Taichung, a quick overview:

  • Fengle Sculpture Park
  • National Taichung Theater
  • Maple Gardens
  • Liuchuan Riverside Walk
  • Taichung Station
  • Rainbow Village
  • National Museum of Science
  • Taichung Park
  • Yizhong Street Maret

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How to Get To Taichung

Taichung, a large city in central Taiwan is well connected by railway and air. If you are coming from Taipei, the easiest way to get to Taichung is by train. The high-speed rail will take about 1.5 hours, and the slower rail service, about three. One disadvantage of the high-speed line is that you will arrive at the outskirts of the city. You will then need to take the slower train to get into central Taichung. If you have the time, the slower rail is both less expensive and more convenient. With the slower line, you’ll arrive at Taichung Station, in the city center.

If you are coming from abroad, Taichung International Airport (RMQ) is a good choice.

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Taichung Central Station - Things to do in Taichung
Taichung Central Station

Getting Around Taichung

Taichung does not have a metro line but does have a good bus system. Uber is available as well. To find your way to a location by bus, use google maps set to public transport option. Keep in mind, that you’ll need an Easy Card to get around Taichung. The same card works for transit all over Taiwan, so you can purchase it just once and use it all over the country. The card costs about $3 and is available in convenience stores. You can refill it in convenience stores as well. Some short rides are free, but most cost between 50 c and 2.50 USD.

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How Many Days Do You Need in Taichung?

Taichung is a city smaller than Taipei, but still offers plenty to do. If you are in Taiwan for one week, spend about 2 nights/3 days in Taichung. I visited all the attractions on this list in about 3 days, without having to rush.

Where to Stay in Taichung

The most convenient area to stay in the city is Taichung Station. Staying next to the station means you won’t need to take a bus to your hotel. Additionally, this area offers a plethora of buses, so you can get almost anywhere in the city without a transfer.

Keep in mind, Taichung has two major stations. Taichung Railway Station is central, and the best place to stay. Taichung High-Speed Station is on the outskirts of town, and not a good place to stay.

National Taichung Theater staircase, things to do in Taichung
A staircase in National Taichung Theater

History of Taichung

Originally settled by the Atayal people, Taichung shows the evidence of thousands of years of human activity. However, it was not until the Japanese occupation (early 20th century), that Taichung became a major hub. The goal of the Japanese was to make Taichung the first modern city in Taiwan and they invested heavily in its infrastructure. The Japanese called the city “Kyoto of Formosa,” colorfully describing its peace and beauty. When you visit Taichung, you are likely to notice that the city feels calmer than Taipei. The harmonious environment of the city creates a unique atmosphere and makes Taichung a great place to spend a few days.

Things To Do in Taichung

Fengle Sculpture Park

Located away from the center, Fengle Sculpture Park is well well worth the trip. Inside this large park, you’ll find an array of sculptures and water features. Covering a span of 6 hectares and featuring more than 50 sculptures you can easily spend a few hours wandering here. Come here early in the morning or in the late afternoon, as there is little natural shade here during the day.

A walkway in Fengle Sculpture Park - things to do in Taichung.
Fengle Sculpture Park

National Taichung Theater – Things To Do in Taichung

One of the most impressive public spaces in Taichung is the National Taichung Theater. An architectural wonder, the Taichung theater offers a much-needed escape from the city’s mid-day blazing heat. As you wander through the enormous space you can enjoy free art exhibits and observation areas. The venue offers dozens of performances every week ranging from the traditional to the modern. Although you can buy tickets for performances online in advance, onsite tickets are also often available. In addition, inside the National Taichung Theater, you’ll also find a high-end restaurant, a cafe, and several fantastic souvenir shops.

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National Taichung Theater - the fountains, things to do in Taichung.
National Taichung Theater

Maple Garden (Maple Valley Park) – Things To Do in Taichung

This small park next to the Taichung Theater is an ideal place to visit in the late afternoon. On your stroll here, you’ll see many turtles, fish, and birds. Initially, this park was supposed to be the site of the Taichung World Trade Center. However, construction plans didn’t work out and the city was left with an enormous crater in the middle of an empty lot. With a bit of creative thinking and negotiation, the Taichung’s officials made arrangements to construct Maple Garden. The already dug site of the foundation was turned into the lake. Consequently, the lake, which is nicknamed “the crater,” is more than 9 meters deep.

The lake in Maple Garden (Maple Valley Park).
Maple Garden (Maple Valley Park)

Liuchuan Riverside Walk – Things To Do In Taichung

A fantastic alternative to the night markets, the Liuchuan Riverside Walk is lovely to visit after sunset. As you stroll the promenade, you’ll encounter a series of fountains and light sculptures. Particularly beautiful around holidays, the displays here rotate every few months. Several bat colonies live under the bridges, and they are fun to watch at night. Of course, with so many bats around, there are virtually no mosquitos in the area – natural pest control for the win!

Liuchuan Riverside Walk, a fountain at night.
Liuchuan Riverside Walk

Rainbow Village – Things To Do in Taichung

Visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year, the beautiful Rainbow village is worth the trip. You’ll find this picturesque and social media-friendly attraction on the outskirts of Taichung. To get here, take a train to the high-speed rail station and then the bus to the village. The journey is about one hour long. Once you do get here, be prepared for lots of tourists all jockeying for the best picture. However, the good news is that people are very polite and wait for turns. In addition to strolling the village, you can shop at a small souvenir table and cafe. If you are lucky and the creator of the village (Mr. Huant) is here you can take a picture with him for a nominal fee.

A mural in Rainbow Village - things to do in Taichung
Rainbow Village

National Museum of Natural Science – Things To Do in Taichung

One of the largest museums in the world, the National Museum of Science in Taichung can take more than an entire day to discover. This enormous facility is consists of multiple sections and an arboretum (located inside the sphere). The museum does a good job covering both pre-Chinese Taiwan and ancient China. Additionally, the realistic dinosaur animatronics are a big crowd-pleaser. Some of the newer sections are dedicated to ecology and climate change.

National Museum of Natural Science - the arboretum, things to do in Taichung.
National Museum of Natural Science

Taichung Park

Taiwan’s answer to Central Park, Taichung park is a great place to spend a few hours in the late afternoon. This is the oldest park in the city and was built during Japanese rule. Here you can wander the shaded alleyways, rent a boat, and observe dozens of species of native birds. During Chinese New Year, the lantern festival takes place in the confines of Taichung Park. This, the largest park in Taichung is also a designated historical area.

The lake house in Taichung Park.
Taichung Park

Yizhong Street Market

Perhaps one of the best night markets in all of Taiwan, the Yizhong Street Night Market is a must on your list of things to do in Taichung. The extensive market goes on for miles and offers the most unique variety of foods I saw in Taiwan. The market feels endless and super crowded but also very enjoyable.

People buying food in Yizhong Street Market, Taichung, Taiwan.
Yizhong Street Market

Common Questions About Taichung

Should you go to Taichung or Taipei?

The two cities are very different and are both worth a visit. Whereas Taipei is large and cosmopolitan, Taichung is more relaxed and artistic. If possible, try to spend a few days in both. Each area has plenty to offer. However, if you do not have enough time, consider your interests. Taipei offers more shopping, however, Taichung offers better parks and museums.

Can you do a day trip to Taichung from Taipei?

Technically you can do a day trip from Taichung to Taipei. To do so, utilize the high-speed rail system to shorten your trip. If you are doing a day trip, expect to only have about 10 hours in Taichung. If your goal is to see Rainbow Village, it is very easy to access from the high-speed rail station. The ride by bus from the Taichung high-speed station to the Rainbow village is only about 20 minutes.

How far is Taichung from Taipei?

Taichung is located about 98 miles (159 kilometers) from Taipei. Directly, by car, the journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes with no traffic. Via high-speed rail, the journey from Taipei to Taichung is about 1.5 hours. By slower, traditional rail service, direct service between Taipei and Taichung is about 3 hours with stops.

Taichung Packing List

Other Places to Visit Near Taichung

Taipei, the country’s capital, is a fascinating city within close proximity to Taichung. To discover all the amazing things Taipei has to offer, check out things to do in Taipei. Additionally, Sun Moon Lake is a small resort town just a few hours from Taichung. This area is ideal for rest, nature and relaxation, after the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

One more thing…

Thank you so much for reading about the best things to do in Taichung! If you enjoyed this post please leave a comment or a question. These help the search engines determine which articles are valuable. Plus, they make me feel warm and fuzzy. Thank you again, and see you on the road!

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