The Best Bali Resorts – Family Friendly Hard Rock Hotel

The view of the rice fields in Ubud, one of the suggested attractions in Bali.

Bali is known for gorgeous white sand beaches, blue water and of course – 5-star luxury Bali resorts. With so many options on this island, how do you pick the best luxury hotel for your family?  

If you are traveling with children or family the resort of choice on the island is the Bali Hard Rock Hotel.  This well-established brand is known for great service, cool theme properties, outstanding music and of course family friendly luxury.  

The Bali Hard Rock Hotel offers one of the largest pools on the island, a kids club and movie theater, as well as a recording studio, radio station and so much more to accommodate a family.

 If you are looking to combine a family-friendly adventure with some relaxation, I put together an itinerary that will include adventures off the beaten path and plenty of relaxation in one of the most famous Bali Resorts.

Bali Resorts: Day 1

hard rock bali resorts pool palm trees
Hard Rock Bali is home to one of the largest pools on the island.

Welcome to your home away from home!  After a long day of travel you are likely going to want to stay low key, so grab yourself a well-deserved drink and lounge around the pool.  

Since most families come hungry from the airport, be sure to grab some lunch at Splash Bistro, the poolside restaurant.  

They have great drink specials from 3 to 6 pm,  I recommend you try the two for one mojitos!  

If you have kids with you, they can keep busy with the splash park and slides.  You probably will not want to go far for dinner and luckily you don’t have to.  

jamie oliver restaurant bali resorts food
Lunch at Jamie Oliver’s, located right in your hotel.

There is a great restaurant on premises called Jamie’s Italian by chef Jamie Oliver.  Jamie’s offers delicious Italian food, with free range and humanely raised meat options.

If you want to dine without kids,  just ask the reception desk for a babysitter.  The Bali Resorts pre-screened trusted child care professionals will make sure your little ones are safe while you relax.  

bedrooms hard rock hotel bali resorts
The bedrooms at hard rock are relaxing and unique. Bedrooms will be updated in 2018 and I will post new photographs as soon as they are ready.

Before you go to bed, ask your hotel for two things:  First, a  driver, and second a speedboat reservation.  

Tomorrow you are going to check out one of Bali’s best-preserved islands, Lembongan.  

Your concierge can arrange for both so your only responsibility is waking up early to make your 8:30 boat.  

Bali Resorts: Day 2

Enjoy the day at one of the best Bali Resorts.  If you are still tired from yesterday, today is a great day to do very little.

 There is a terrific kids club for your little ones, and you can drop them off there from morning to night.  

They will get fed while they are at the kids club, so you don’t need to worry about them.  

poolside temple hard rock hotel bali resorts
Bali residents are very spiritual people. Around Hard Rock Bali there are areas dedicated to giving the employees a chance to practice their religious beliefs. This allows you to feel as a welcome guest not just in Hard Rock – but also in the local culture and traditions.

Sometime this afternoon stop by the concierge and ask them to arrange for a driver for tomorrow morning. 

Your driver will take you to Sanur, a small fishing village on the opposite coast.

Additionally, ask your concierge to arrange for speedboat tickets to Lombogan. 

The first ferry should leave from Sanur about 8:30 am, and you’ll need to leave Hard Rock early enough tomorrow morning to make sure you are on it.  

bali resorts hard rock hotel beach pool
Enjoy a day by the pool. There is even a little beach, perfect for little ones to play safely.

Perhaps you want to lounge by the pool and relax the day away, but, if you feel up to it, take a walk outside. Although inside the resort it feels like you are on your own private island, you are actually staying in one of the busiest towns in Bali – Kuta.  

Kuta beach is known for great shopping, tourist-oriented activities and fantastic resorts, with Hard Rock, considered the best for families.  

This is a great time to do some local sightseeing and shopping.  At sunset,  stop by the Sunset Lounge at your Bali Hard Rock hotel and enjoy a great drink and some gorgeous colors.  

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Bali Resorts: Day 3

bali resorts hard rock hotel lombogan dream beach
There is much to see in Lembogan – make dream beach one of the attractions you visit.

This morning, your hotel arranged driver will drive you to Sanur.  This beautiful fishing village alone is worth the trip, and you will have a chance to check it out later.  Ask your driver to drop you off right where the speed ferries leave. 

Make sure you are here by 8:30 am, just in time for the first ferry.  Today is your day to explore the gorgeous island of Lembongan.  When you dock, go straight to Crystal Bay where exceptional snorkeling awaits you.  

Then, make your way over to Dream Beach where besides a beautiful beach; there is a gorgeous cliffside hotel and restaurant with views that can’t be beaten.  Catch your boat back at 4:30 and have dinner in Sanur.  

bali resorts hard rock hotel sanur beach fishing boat
Sanur fishing village is known for its traditional fishing boats and quiet atmosphere.

Sanur used to be a sleepy fishing village but now is a peaceful beach town.  There are lots of great restaurants lining the beach front for you to pick from.  

This is also a great place to get a couple of souvenirs if you so desire.  Finally, the driver pre-arranged by the hotel will get you back to the peace of Hard Rock Bali Resorts.  

Bali Resorts: Day 4

hard rock bali resorts luxury family pool cabana
The pool cabanas at Hard Rock bali are available for rental. They are a must try experience for anybody looking for the ultimate luxury family getaway.

This is a great day to take advantage of a true Bali resorts treasure – a cabana by the pool.  These great little houses poolside are available for rent, and they are a wonderful way to relax with your family after a day spent moving around.  

When you rent a cabana you will also receive a complimentary snack basket, which is great to keep little ones fueled up.  

To really make sure you get a great day of relaxation, book a massage at the Hard Rock Spa. Although there are many spas around the island to choose from, the prices here are competitive and the experience is guaranteed to be outstanding.  

For dinner enjoy a walk in Kuta and pick from one of many restaurant options or just stop by Jamie’s Italian for their great dinner specials.

Tonight, ask for your hotel to arrange for a driver for tomorrow morning, you have a lot more cool things to see.  

Bali Resorts: Day 5

monkeys bali island resorts ubud
Monkey forest is a must not miss experience for the entire family. The monkeys are docile and social and you are almost guaranteed to walk away with amazing pictures.

Today you’ll be taking a day trip to Ubud.  There is a ton to see around here, and plenty of great places to visit.  You’ll start in the Monkey Forest, a magical temple forest complex.  

There are hundreds of monkeys here including many babies.  The monkeys are used to visitors and are quite friendly and docile.  

Be sure to bring a camera but leave your snacks with your driver, the monkeys will probably steal them.  

For lunch, stop in town at IBU SUSU- located just two minutes away from the Monkey Forest this popular restaurant offers outstanding modern local cuisine.

bali resorts man rice fields hard rock hotel
At the rice fields you’ll encounter many local residents. Much of Bali society is still agrarian.

 After lunch your driver will take you to see rice fields, these give you a great perspective of inner Bali.  

Much of Bali society is still agrarian although many younger people have made the switch to tourism and hospitality business.  

Next, ask your driver to take you to see the Water Temple.  Although there are many temples to pick from in Bali this is an unusually beautiful one.

It is also an interesting cultural experience as you’ll get to see worshipers submerge themselves in water for cleansing.  

If you still have time and would like to do it ask your driver to stop by a waterfall (there is no shortage of them around Ubud) or the Bali swings, a great way to finish out your day before your drive back to the Bali resorts – Hard Rock hotel.  

water temple bali island resorts
Worshipers at water temple.

Bali Resorts: Day 6

kuta beach bali resorts hard rock hotel man in water with child
In the morning Kuta beach is not crowded. This is a great time to take a stroll along the shoreline with your little ones.

After the exciting and long day in Ubud, it’s great to take a little time off to relax at Hard Rock hotel.  

We suggest starting your morning off with a scenic walk or jog on the beach or the gym as an alternative.

The beach doesn’t get crowded until much later in the day so this is the best time to explore.  

You can also take your little ones for some play by the waves (see if you can spot any jumping fish in the water).  Afterwards, make your way back to your hotel for a late breakfast at Starz Diner.  

swings bali resort ubud
On the Bali swings you will have a chance to take some of the most memorable pictures of your Bali vacation.

Spend the afternoon lounging by the pool and have lunch in town. Afterwards, stop by the in-house photography studio (located by the entry to the pool, opposite security desk) and make arrangements for a photo shoot.  Photographers are available at any time but we suggest sundown for the most spectacular pictures.  

You can request beach or pool shots, and the professional photographer will guide you to the best spots depending on your preference. Today you can ask your concierge to arrange for a babysitter and enjoy your last night in Bali out with the rest of the adults at Hard Rock Centerstage, the hip Bali resorts bar located right in the hotel.

 If you enjoyed this post and have more tips to add, please leave a comment, I love reading them! Also, you can read my other helpful travel blogs based on my own experience around the world.


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