Things to do in Seville, Spain

Things to do in Seville: Historic District

This large, meandering district is the heart of Seville and its tourist trade. Most visitors to the city chose to stay in the old district – and its easy to see why. The pretty narrow streets, the plentiful restaurants and street entertainment, all conspire to create an ultimate getaway with all the charms of the past and all the conveniences of modern life. Wander the old district for hours and discover new places to eat, galleries, shops and more.

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Things to do in Seville: The Alcazar of Seville

The giant palace originally built in the 14th century is still in business today.  The Alcazar of Seville is one of the official residences of the king and queen of Spain. Constructed on the site of a Muslim fort, this structure is one of the best examples of the Mudejar architecture.  This palace is an architectural wonder and a UNESCO heritage site, but it is also, the largest paid tourist attraction in Seville. The lines to get into the Alcazar are almost as impressive as the interiors.

In order to avoid hour-long lines, I would suggest purchasing tickets for Alcazar online. Alternatively, show up first thing in the morning – the palace opens at 9.30 but the line starts to form at 8.30. Whatever you decide to do, do not be intimidated by the size of the crowds. The palace is huge and there are plenty of spots you can wander on your own. If you’d like to see the functioning Royal Apartments, those reservations must be made online in advance. 

Things to do in Seville: Triana Neighborhood

Across the Santa Cruz, just over the bridge from most tourist attractions lies the legendary Triana Neighborhood, another great place to visit in Seville. Here you’ll find one of the best markets in Spain, the foodie paradise of Mercado Di Triana. Here too you’ll discover great ceramics shops and restaurants. More residential than the tourist-oriented old town, the Triana is nevertheless worth exploring. At night, the views of the old town from the Triana side can’t be beaten.

things to do in Seville - Triana
Triana Neighborhood, as seen from the bridge.

Food to Try in Seville:

Pork Loin with Whiskey Sauce (Solomilo Al Whiskey) is one of the most popular traditional tapas in Seville.  You can try it in almost every tapas bar in the city.  If you are visiting in May and June you are in luck – its snail season in Seville!  Look for signs that say Hay Caracoles (we have snails).  The traditional way to eat them is by sucking the snails out of the shells, an experience you are unlikely to have anywhere else.  Spinach and chickpeas are another great tapa to try, this one features ingredients original to Morocco and has been a staple ever since the Moorish invasion of Spain in 711. 

Where to Eat in Seville: Mercado Di Triana and Bar Triana

Andalucia is famous for great, cheap tapas and Seville is no exception to this rule. You can eat anywhere in Seville and come out satisfied, but many locals recommend visiting the Mercado Di Triana for an amazing Tapas and beer selection for lunch. At night, Bar Triana is the happening spot to visit, and you will often encounter lines of tourists and locals waiting for a spot at the best Tapas place in town.

Where to Stay in Seville:

The Grand Meria Colon is the best hotel in Seville and its easy to see why.  A large pool overlooking the old city, perfect location in the center and great service make this the best choice for a holiday in Seville.

How to Get to Seville:

The most popular way to get to Seville is via the high-speed train network, the Renfe.  Trains from Madrid leave every hour and you’ll be in Seville in about 2.5 hours.  Book tickets in advance if possible.  

For more ideas and the best places to visit in Andalucia, Spain be sure to check out the complete article.  

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