Things to Do in Ronda, Spain

The Waterfall in Ronda, Analucia, Spain.

Ronda was originally settled some time in the Neolithic age.  Later, conquered by the Celts, the Romans, the Berbers, and finally the Catholics, today the city’s rich culture reflects its unique history.   There is no shortage of things to do in Ronda, but one of the most popular attractions is also the most controversial.  Members of Ronda’s Romero family invented modern bullfighting right here, in Ronda.  This means the city is a mecca for the supporters and a flashpoint for the opponents of bullfighting.  I will focus on discussing all the other amazing things to do in Ronda, and hopefully, provide some alternative reasons to visit this lovely town.  

things to do in ronda, andalusia, spain
The Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

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Things to Do in Ronda: The Puente Nuevo

The most famous attraction in Ronda is also the most picturesque – the Puente Nuevo.  The New Bridge spans a 390 feet deep spasm that divides the city in two.  Although locals call it “the new bridge,” construction began in 1700 and took almost 30 years.  A gruesome legend says that during the Spanish Civil War prisoners lived in the little room just below the bridge – and thrown to their deaths from here.  Hemingway wrote about a similar story in his book “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

Regardless of history, the bridge is a sight to behold and a must visit in Andalusia.  I visited during heavy rainfall so instead of a small stream in the bridge opening, I saw a roaring waterfall.  For the best views look for a little yellow/cream building on one side of the bridge.  Here you’ll find a set of trails that lead down.  Follow the trails for great spots to take pictures and enjoy the incredible views.

Things to Do in Ronda: Cueva De La Pileta

A few miles from Ronda, just outside a tiny village Benaojan, you will find a very unusual tourist attraction.  Here, 30,000 years ago, an unknown artist created some of human civilization’s earliest artwork.  This creation is so old it predates the last ice age – and you can actually visit the site  The caves are open year round but admission is by reservation only.  You must reserve the cave tour weeks in advance.  There are few places in the world you can see similar attractions so this incredible site is definitely worth a visit.  

Things to Do in Ronda: The Arab Baths

Another great historical site to visit in Ronda is the Arab Baths.  Erected around the 13th century the baths followed Roman conventions.  Build next to a stream, a bather would find three rooms:  cold, warm and hot.  Today, the baths in Ronda are the best preserved Muslim bath site in all of Spain and this beautiful building can be accessed year round.  To take a tour reservations are not usually required although it is best to show up early in the day to guarantee admission.

What to Eat in Ronda:

Traditional dishes in Ronda feature Iberian pork, local mushrooms, and Payoyo cheese.  There is no shortage of tapas to try with these ingredients.  A popular dish is Chorizo Il Vino, which features sausage in a wine broth.  Also, check out the beans with ham.  Eggplant with local honey is a great dish for a vegetarian palate. 

Where to Eat in Ronda:

One of my favorite restaurants in Spain was the Las Maravillas in Ronda.  In this trendy but friendly restaurant, with a great atmosphere.  Here try out some traditional tapas and don’t pass on the fresh tuna. For dessert try the brownie – its perfect.  As a reminder, all the places I recommend are on Vero first.  To find my recommendations, follow me (@traveltipster) and check out your “collections” tab.

Where to Stay in Ronda:

Hotels in Ronda are pricey and sell out fast.  In the shoulder season, the prices drop as much as 300%.  I stayed at the hotel Arunda II which was comfortable although not luxurious.  For less expensive accommodations try  

For more ideas on what to do in Andalusia, Spain be sure to check out the complete article.  

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