Things to do in Frigiliana, Spain

Things to do in Frigiliana: Explore the Town

 The main attraction of Frigiliana is its picturesque streets lined with perfect whitewashed houses and potted plants.  Frigiliana is located on a steep hill and many of the streets are inaccessible to automobiles.  Locals get around by walking or sometimes donkey or motorcycle. Naturally, the pace of life is slower.  The best time to wander the streets is in the morning and evening.  Although Frigiliana is not accessible by train, it is accessible by bus and during the day you’ll find several tourist buses in center town – and visitors exploring.  However, in the morning, before the buses have arrived the locals do many of their errands and these are the most peaceful hours in the beautiful village of Frigiliana.

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Things to do in Frigiliana: Visit the Church of San Antonio

Although the tiny church in Frigiliana may not be on many Spain bucket lists, this rustic it is beautiful nethertheless.  The imposing wooden doors, the central square location, the cool interior, it all conspires to transport you to a time long ago.  The church of San Antonio is a great example of the kind of church you’ll find in small towns all over Spain, where the majority of residents have worshiped for hundreds of years.

Things to do in Frigiliana: The Archeological Museum of Frigiliana

This small museum displays many neolithic, roman and later artifacts found in Frigiliana and the surrounding area.  The museum is only two rooms so its a fairly quick stop. After you finish the tour stop by most visitors favorite part – the rooftop terrace.  Here you’ll find stunning views of old town – and a great place to take pictures.

What to Eat in Frigiliana:

The most popular ingredient of traditional food in Frigiliana is cane honey (Miel De Cana) – a sweet concoction made by cooking cane.  It looks like honey and tastes like maple syrup.  A great way to eat is in traditional pancakes although cane honey used in many other dishes in Frigiliana as well.  Additionally be sure to try the seafood tapas,  Frigiliana is located only a few miles inland and the best traditional dishes feature seafood.

Where to Eat in Frigiliana:

One of my favorite restaurants in town was the Bandolero.  This great tapas place is mostly visited by locals and it’s not mentioned on many review sites. It has breathtaking views – and a large selection of traditional tapas you won’t find in many touristy places in town.

Where to Stay in Frigiliana:

La Posada Morisca features a large pool overlooking the downtown. There are no true luxury hotels in this tiny town, but La Posada offers solid service and stunning views.

How to Get to Frigiliana:

You can’t get to Frigiliana by train.  A car or a tourist bus are your only options.  In the middle of the day you’ll see several tour buses parked in the downtown area, but at night and in the morning you and the locals have this beautiful village all to yourself.  For other best places to visit in Andalusia, be sure to check out the complete article.

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