Things to do in Almeria, Spain

Things to do in Almeria: Alcazaba of Almeria:

Construction of the fort began in 995, right after Almeria gained the status of a medina (city). The purpose of the fort was two fold – the first, to protect citizenry in case of attack, and the second, to serve as living quarters for the city’s elite. Inside the fort living quarters and facilities were build – schools, a bathhouse, and a mosque. As the city of Almeria grew wealthier through trade, the fort grew more luxurious. However, in the 1400 Almeria was conquered by the Catholic Spanish empire, and in the 1500s the fort was heavily damaged by an earthquake. As the city shrunk, the fort fell into disrepair.

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things to do in Almeria - alcazaba of Almeria
Alcazaba of Almeria

The fate the Alcazaba changed again in the 20th century. As Almeria grew into a large tourist center, the local authorities slowly restored the. In the offseason, the entrance to the fort is free. Few people visit the Alcazaba during the offseason, and you can wander the enormous structure without crowds. There is plenty to see here. Check out the old baths, dozens of lookout points and discover archeological finds. But my favorite is to just find a quiet spot and imagine, just for a moment, what life must have been like in this very place a thousand years ago.

Things to do in Almeria: Paseo de Almeria

Almeria is a resort town and you’ll find several beaches within its limits.  The Paseo De Almeria is a kind of boardwalk that lines some of the town’s favorite beaches.  During the summer months, you’ll discover a lively scene here. Restaurants, bars, and street entertainers all keep the tourists occupied. The scene quiets down in the offseason, but you can still check out the area for the beautiful sunsets. 

Things to do in Almeria: Cabo De Gata Lighthouse

Located about 45 minutes drive out of Almeria, the Cabo De Gata lighthouse is stunning. The lighthouse was constructed in the mid 19th century the structure built on ruins of an old castle – destroyed during the Napoleonic wars. Surrounded by sharp rocks, on a cliff, this is one location in Almeria that is not easy to get to – however, the views are worth it.  The lighthouse is a perfect half a day trip whether you are visiting Almeria in the summer or in the offseason.  

Food to Try in Almeria:

Almeria is located on the coast, and it is known for fresh seafood.  If you are a seafood fan there is no shortage of things to try here – my favorite was the clams and octopus.  Another popular type of food in Almeria is the Moorish soup, which contains a variety of vegetables and non-pork meats.  

Where to Eat in Almeria:

El Jurelico serves a wide variety of local seafood dishes in an unpretentious atmosphere.  Because its good and inexpensive most people who eat here are locals.  Menus are available in English and the staff is very friendly.  This restaurant is located on Jovellanos street in the old town, where many of the best restaurants in the city are also located.  If you are not sure where to eat just walk over to Jovellanos and pick a spot that looks good.  

Where to Stay in Almeria:

Located right in the center of old town, The Aire hotel and Ancient Baths offers a chance for a unique stay with a large spa on premises.  The rooms are smallish (as are all the rooms in old town) so consider upgrading to the junior suite. The baths are the main attraction of the hotel, here you’ll find pools of varying temperatures, a wine bath, and a salt bath.  Massage is also available for an additional fee. 

How to get to Almeria:

Almeria is connected to Seville by a high-speed train.  If coming from Madrid, you’ll need to take a train and a bus.  Driving is a great option here as the coast makes for a beautiful road trip, and you’ll be able to access the lighthouse.  Parking lots are available for a fee of 17 to 20 euros, and all hotels have parking.  Street parking is very limited and can be problematic on the narrow streets of old town.  

For a lot more ideas on what to do in Andalusia be sure to check out the complete article.  

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