Ponta Do Sossego – Sao Miguel Azores

Situated at the end of a winding mountain road, Ponta Do Sossego is the easternmost attraction of my Sao Miguel itinerary. Distant, yes. But also, undoubtedly, worth the trip. It takes about 2 hours to make your way here from Ponta Delgada. But those hours are spent traversing cliffside roads, filled with spectacular views. And when you enter the viewpoint, you enter paradise.

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Cliffs and the sea, of Ponta Do Sossego

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What is Ponta Do Sossego Like?

At Ponta Do Sossego, the sights, the smells, and the sounds are overwhelming. The flowery smell hangs in the air like natural perfume. Birds chirp overhead in a complex chorus. And the sea views complement the rich flowers.

Red flowers in Ponta do Sossego
Along the way you’ll pass by many native varieties, some you won’t see anywhere else on Sao Miguel

First, you enter Ponta Do Sossego along a narrow road lined with flowers. Then, proceed through a small botanical garden. And finally, onto the cliffs with their stunning views.

Enter the Miradouro via this narrow road, lined with flowers.

A wide path lined with trees and flowers in Ponta do Sossego

These purple beauties are native to the island – but I did not see them anywhere else.

 A bell shaped purple flower in Ponta Do Sossego

Eventually, the road takes you to a staircase. Here you might encounter a few cats. They like to hang out here, close to the picnic tables.

The views are impressive from both the top and the bottom of the staircase.

Cliffs, flowers, path and the sea in Sao Miguel Azores

The hardy old trees are well cared for in this perfect garden.

An old tree on a cliff surrounded by flowers.

Do a lot of people visit this viewpoint?

The viewpoint is isolated from most other attractions. This, however, is a part of its charm. So remote, only a few tourists make it out here in the morning and the evening. On the other hand, during the day a few tour buses stop by. Nonetheless, I visited in the middle of the day and the garden did not feel crowded. The area is so big, the other people are hardly noticeable.

Bright blue flowers in Sao Miguel Azores

Things To Do Near Ponta Do Sossego

As the Miradouro is remote, there is not much to do nearby. However, within a reasonable drive (about 30 minutes) you’ll find the beautiful waterfalls of Salto do Prego. And near the waterfalls, visit the abandoned village of Sanguinho (see the same article).

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Purple flower in Sao Miguel Azores
An old tree on a cliffside surrounded by colorful flowers.
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