Guadeloupe Vacation – A Guide to discover the French Caribbean

There is no shortage of beautiful islands in the Caribbean and no shortage of amazing resort options for the weary vacationer.  Guadeloupe is one incredible option that recently became easily accessible to United States travelers.  Guadeloupe is a large island, roomy enough to fit great resorts, beautiful beaches, rum and chocolate factories, fruit and flower plantations, and so much more.  Part of the french Caribbean, most tourists in Guadeloupe used to be from Europe.  However, several new flight options to Guadeloupe were recently introduced from major hubs – New York’s JFK included.  This means a Guadeloupe vacation is only a short flight away – and the french Caribbean feel means you will have a uniquely European experience.  

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Once you decide to visit Guadeloupe, you will have plenty of great resorts to chose from.  Some of the finest hotels in Guadeloupe are conveniently located in the town of Gosier.  Only 20 minutes ride from the airport, this village is the perfect base for your vacation.  In Gossier (the third largest village on the island) you can walk right outside your hotel front door and find a variety of restaurants, shops and even places to rent a car.  Because Guadeloupe is both large and safe there is no shortage of activities here, and no problems making last minute plans.  That is part of the appeal of a Guadeloupe vacation – you do not need to stay at your resort all the time.  

Guadeloupe vacation - creole beach and spa resort
Inside La Creole Beach and Spa Resort

And speaking of Gosier, if you are looking for luxury vacation in Guadeloupe, one can’t beat La Creole Beach and Spa located in Gosier.  This huge complex boasts one of the largest infinity pools on the island, a private beach, several restaurants, rooms with terraces and with ocean views.  And if you are traveling with a family there is a great kids club on premises as well.  This combination of convenience and luxury makes La Creole Beach and Spa the premier vacation spot on the island.  While inside your hotel you will enjoy the secluded luxury you’ve come to expect at a high end resort.  The moment you step outside you will discover the convenience of being located in the village of Gosier.  

After settling in, take a walk.  Gosier boasts dozens of restaurant options, beaches, shops, as well as several parks.   There is even a small aquarium that hosts rescued sea turtles and sharks.  In Gosier there are also plenty of opportunities to take pictures. Walking through the village of Gosier is a fantastic time to just relax and take in the unique French Caribbean vibe.

The beach at La Creole Beach and Spa

When you are ready, stop into one of the restaurants and enjoy a local lunch. There is no shortage of unique dishes in Guadeloupe and the French Caribbean cuisine is definitely worth a try.  Much of the cuisine here includes local fish and locally grown meat.  There are also fruit plantations on the island and plenty of fresh, locally grown fruit to enjoy on your Guadeloupe vacation.  As much as I love the local fruit, my personal favorite is the half pizza half salad so many pizza shops offer.  There is a huge variety of pizzas to chose from, all with their unique French twist.  This is accompanied by a fresh and delicious green salad. 

Of course, in order to make your lunch truly French you must enjoy at least one glass of wine with your meal.  Although in New York pizza is eaten with your hands that’s a no-no in Europe, and so in Guadeloupe like in Europe one must eat it with a fork and knife – not an easy endeavor I must confess.  I am still not sure I understand the point of eating pizza with a knife and fork, but when in Rome (or Guadeloupe in this case). 

Guadeloupe vacation - food
Even a simple lunch is a sophisticated experience in Guadeloupe.

If you feel like venturing a bit further, a car rental can be easily arranged by your concierge or you can do it yourself simply by stepping out of the hotel. There are a dozen car rental places, again, from the most luxurious to the most affordable. A car rental here runs from 50 euros and up for the day.  Don’t forget to bring your license to your vacation in Guadeloupe.  You can’t rent a car in Guadeloupe without one.

If you chose to a rent a car, a great location for a day trip is the Basse Terre, which means low land.  Despite its name, Basse Terre boasts high peaks including the La Soufrière volcano.  This is the wildest part of the island and the entire center is covered in thick and luscious rain forest.  In this large (848 square kilometers) area centered around a city and a volcano, you will find a rich and varied ecosystem.  If you are looking for hiking in Guadeloupe this is a fantastic place to visit. Here you can also go mountain biking, visit banana plantations and of course get some great pictures.     Of course since you are on a Guadeloupe vacation, there is also no shortage of spectacular beaches – and great dive sites. 

La Creole Beach and Spa – the view

There is so much to do in Guadeloupe, and whatever you chose – hiking or driving the rocky shores of Basse Terre, relaxing in a luxury resort, exploring Gosier or nearby attractions – you are sure to have an incredible vacation.  With new and easy flights from the United States, there is no shortage of great deals for a Guadeloupe vacation.  Don’t wait too long, and discover the French Caribbean before everyone else does. 

A vacation in Guadeloupe - Guadeloupe with a family - Guadeloupe Travel Tips - Guadeloupe vacation

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