How to grow your account on Vero – a guide for artists

vero as an iceberg
What you see on Vero now is only the tip of the iceberg.

Update 10.3.2018

Lots happened since I originally wrote this article.  Vero is now the premier social network for musicians and artists.  If something cool and edgy is happening in music and art chances are its happening on Vero.  Artists who joined in the last few months include Rose McGowan, Madonna, KT Tunstall Gal Gadot, Art Car Boot Fair and much more.  Being on Vero is a little like a virtual version of Paris in the 1920s.  You know you are watching history and you know how weird it’ll be to read about it in books years from now.  But right now Vero is the edgy social network your mother has definitely never heard of.  

Another great development on Vero is the new hashtag challenges we created (I was one of the creators of the original hashtag challenge and like every good idea it took off with a life of its own).  Every day you can choose to participate in a new theme on Vero. 

  • Monday is #momo (monochromatic Monday),
  • Tuesday is #texturetuesday,
  • Wednesday is #wabstract (abstract Wednesday),
  • Thursday is #thartsday (the art day),
  • Friday is #fcf (feature creature Friday),
  • Saturday #macrosat and
  • Sunday #3xsun (sunrise, sunset).

Posting pictures in each category on the correct day of the week will get you seen – just be sure to post the right pics and not just use the hashtags.  Additionally big accounts like mine scour the hashtags for people to introduce – so its one of the fastest ways to grow on Vero.  

And last but not least – I am now the Vero blogger ambassador.  That means Vero is sponsoring my trips!  I know… how cool is that?  I have the opportunity to go to places I would never have been able to go thanks to Vero.  If you are an active Vero user and a blogger in any niche, send me a message through my website and I’ll see if I can give you a promo.  If not join us today!

The original article is below:

I am fairly new to Vero having joined together with the entire planet last Saturday.  Still, I discovered some great tips and tricks to have my account grow even before being featured, and I’d like to share them with you.

Tip 1:  Be genuine AF. 

Think of Vero as an online world case study for “How to win friends and influence people.”  We are all very tired of disingenuous social media.  So don’t do that.  Instead, follow only people who’re work you like, interact with those accounts in a genuine and thoughtful manner, post your best work, be kind and considerate.  If someone leaves you a nice comment try to check out their account, if interested follow, and if not interested at least return the favor with some genuine likes and comments.  Almost every account has something you can complement – so do that.  Find something to like and let them know. 

Tip 2:  Promote the heck out of Vero. 

Right now Vero is the fastest growing social network in the world.  It also only went viral last week.  This means there are billions of people who’ve never heard of Vero – many of them your potential followers.  So use your other social media to help your users find Vero – and you.  Again, be genuine. Point out the things you really love.  I talk about art, the possibility to find undiscovered talent.  I talk about the possibility to be seen by some of the biggest names in the online world, all the things I find so exciting. Be honest.  People know when you really love something.  Positivity is contagious.  Spread the word and both your account and the network will grow – and we all win.  Of course – make sure to ask them to follow you as and follow them back.   

Tip 3:  Follow a lot of great people.

Start looking through accounts using hashtags.  Look for people you admire, people in your space, reposting accounts, or even celebrities who seem interesting.  I follow 1800 accounts and will be following many more.   Make your timeline shine and your account will too.  Interact with the people you follow.  Interact in a genuine way, leave thoughtful comments.  This will help you both grow your account and will inspire you to go deeper in your own work.  Of course, many people you follow will follow you back – but please don’t do the whole follow/unfollow thing.  Its disingenuous and it doesn’t work in the long run.  Don’t unfollow people if they don’t follow you back.  You will lose a great source of inspiration if you do.  

Tip 4: Approach accounts and ask for mutual introductions.

Go ahead and send that acquaintance request but only if you genuinely feel like you have a lot in common with the account owner.  Some will be accepted – and some will not be. Don’t be offended. If someone accepts and you genuinely admire their work, ask if they’d be willing to do an intro for an intro.  And when you do those intros don’t forget the hashtags.  Be polite when asking!  Politeness might make a difference between acceptance of the offer and its rejection – and it costs nothing to be nice.  Especially in a community that thrives on genuine interactions.  Don’t get offended if they don’t agree. You can always try again in a few months if you wish – but don’t spam, please.  Just keep going and ask others whose work you like.  

Tip 5:  Post the hell out of your best work

Vero is growing by leaps and bounds and each time you post you will get a ton of followers.  So go ahead and post your best work.  Mix in the content – photography, links, and introductions.  Don’t let it get repetitive.  People get tired of seeing the same type of content.   This is why it’s awesome we can post so many different types on Vero.

Tip 6:  Don’t spam hashtags

Only use relevant hashtags.  We are all tired of seeing spam.  I will automatically unfollow any account that posts irrelevant hashtags (no matter how popular they maybe).  Be real and people will follow. 

If you find this article helpful please feel free to repost and please feel free to tag me @traveltipster and #traveltipster. 

Thank you and happy adventuring! 

Vero social media how to grow your vero account
How to grow your account on Vero – a practical guide

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