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About Bahia Brazil Explorations

The website of was created to become an information hub for tourists and prospective investors. You will be invited to zoom in on what you, as a tourist or business visitor, would like to know about this beautiful part of Brazil.

The home page shows a brief description of Bahia, Brazil, and the beauty spots it can offer.

Brazil is a huge country, comparable in size to the European Union. Bahia, Brazil offers exuberant nature. With more than 1,100 km, the state has the longest coastline of the country with beautiful beaches of all sorts and sizes, an impressive interior, and – at the south coast of Bahia – a very pleasant climate. A country with endless possibilities. The initiators of this site were quickly energized by Brazil and Bahia in particular. Vacationing, exploring, developing, private property acquisition, and ownership of large portions of rural land are still relatively easily accessible for inhabitants and foreigners alike.

Services Offered at

On the landing page, there are several links a tourist can choose from like Lodging Experiences,

Hidden Pousada Reviews, Brazil Travelogues, Entrepreneurial Expats, Bahian Issues, and Realty Developments.

International business investors take Bahia Brazil seriously. The website offers a short selection of snippets that reveal that the state of Bahia offers a valuable and acknowledged investment climate.

The Lodging Experiences tab opens up to a page where there are “Guesthouse Experiences”.

The Guesthouse Sitio Imbassai review states “This stay caused us thinking back to the peace and quiet of this genuine and beautiful area many times. It is a place to return to.”

Meanwhile, the Pousada Villa Verde review shows “Villa Verde is a quiet place, an oasis of peace at a safe location among the buzzing city life and near to other popular places in Salvador.

Pousada Villa Verde offers 6 fully furnished, daily serviced self-catering apartments, accommodating up to 4 persons. The rooms are air-conditioned and have good quality Wi-Fi and TV. The management is multi-lingual, very co-operative, friendly and helpful which made our stay a very pleasant one.

Everything gives a comfortable, natural, shady, and airy private residence atmosphere. The Villa is on all sides surrounded with a solid wall, has a beautiful guest garden under a huge mango tree and a guest terrace with hammocks.”

The “Salvador+”  menu tab will open a page with a selection of the best tourist information sites, showing the splendor of the Bahian coast from Salvador to Porto Seguro. On this page, you will find selected websites with quality information about Bahia regarding travel and lodging, homes to rent or buy, guesthouses, restaurants, hotels, beach life, action, culture, tour operators, real estate agents, architects, money issues, etcetera, for tourists and business travelers.

The website also features an “Our Desire” tab which explains the makers’ future plans in Bahia Brazil.

Their personal interest lays in the beautiful rural area around the river village of Taboquinhas in Bahia. They want a rural retreat development in the rich natural splendor.

The page also shows how Bahia Brazil can become a winter escape, revitalizing both the body and the mind.

They are planning a project on approximately 26 hectares of private property, comprising of pastures, forest, and fruit plantations. A few water brooks and public paths cut through the area. Their current home there is a small wooden farm cottage.

This place is an oasis of peace and natural beauty. It is their desire to build a nice bungalow and some more for sale.

There is also a Contact page where tourists and business investors can leave their name, 

email, and message.

The Media tab also shows a lot of beautiful Bahia tourist destinations.

There are all kinds of media showing Bahia beach and eco paradises,

picture galleries, and video lists showing the natural and cultural beauty of Bahia, Brazil with 

touch images below for Bahia topic explanation.

History of Bahia Brazil Explorations

Site Initiators, Jaco and Joyce van der Laak bought a piece of land at approximately 25km from Itacaré beaches,  to have their private “Land Bank”. They expected a somewhat higher revenue than what savings banks can give nowadays.  With the help of partners, they hope to build a few winter escape residences. Since they like to share their experiences, they developed this site. Besides information about the project, you are able to research the topic via relevant linked information. 

Their friend, Joaquim Cardoso Barreto, a retired bank manager, renders professional services as a real estate broker.  His license is registered under CRECI-BA No 7356. A reliable intermediary to sell or acquire property for his clientele. Real estate management for foreign property owners is an additional service. He highly values ethics, serious personal attention, and respect. Besides his mother tongue, Joaquim masters English and understands Spanish.

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